Halal Restaurant

Melbourne is the meeting place of people from various creeds, races, and religions. In the context, to cater the demands of our Muslim diners, Nirankar offers certified halal food in Melbourne CBD.

The word halal means permitted or lawful. Halal foods are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines and monitored by The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

For halal food, we rely on a certified halal food supplier in Australia. Australian Food and Grocery Council certify all our halal food. It is free from any substance taken or extracted from a non-halal animal or ingredient and is cooked and stored in utensils free from a non-Halal food. To make sure, don’t hesitate to ask for the Halal certificate, whether taking away or dinning in.

So if you’re a strict follower of Halal food, you don’t have to search for a Halal food in Melbourne CBD. Your favourite restaurant, Nirankar, offers best choices of cuisines prepared from certified Halal food. Whether you are visiting Melbourne CBD area in search of your favourite Dum-Biryani, Shami Kebab, a classical nepalese cuisine, or a Mughlai dish that you miss away from home, Nirankar, the favourite certified Halal restaurant in Melbourne CBD, will cater to all your demands.

Therefore, cheers to our resilient adherence to halal food in Melbourne CBD, you can eat stress free at Nirakar and enjoy the delicious dishes that we cook without bothering about being Halal or non-Halal. Although most of our dishes are prepared using halal constituents only, we still mark those in our menu that are prepared with Halal advisory to make you extra sure. Regardless, if something else on the Menu, unmarked fancies you, just ask and if we can make it with Halal preparation, we will.

Chefs at Nirankar are well trained to strictly follow Halal guidelines when preparing food, including using halal certified meat and utensils free from a non-Halal food.

We look forward to seeing you on your next visit to Nirankar.