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1st April (Sunday) –Closed
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Main Menu

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetable Kadai – (med/GF/contains Dairy) Seasonal vegetables in spicy sauce and yoghurt 16.50
Vegetable Korma – (mild/GF/contains Nuts & Dairy) Seasonal vegetables in our delicate cashew sauce 16.50
BhindiBhaji Masala Lady Fingers (Okra ) – (med /GF) Deiced okra with cumin seeds in our special sauce with fresh coriander. 16.90
Nepalese Mushroom Curry – (mild /GF) Juicy fresh mushroom & roasted potato with our lightly spiced sauce 16.50
Mushroom Paneer Masala – (med/GF/contains Dairy) Button mushroom & cottage cheese in our spicy sauce 16.90
Malai De Kofta – (mild/GF/contains Nuts & Dairy) Potato dumpling with cottage cheese, vegetables, sultanas & nuts in our creamy sauce. 16.90
Channa Aloo Masala – (med /GF) Chickpeas with potato in our exotic blend of spices, country style. 15.90
Aloo Gobi – (med/GF) Fresh cauliflower and potato in onion & tomato sauce with fresh baby spinach leaves. 16.50
Bombay Aloo Saag – (mild/GF/contains Dairy) Roasted potato with ginger, coriander & a touch of cream in our fresh spinach sauce 15.90
Palak Paneer – (mild/GF/contains Dairy) Cottage cheese in our fresh spinach sauce with a touch of cream & spices. 16.90
Paneer Kadai – (med/GF/contains Dairy) Cottage cheese in tomato sauce, yoghurt and spices 16.90
Nirankari Brinjal Masala – (mild – med /GF) Smoked fresh eggplant cooked with potato, sauteed cumin seed & ginger. 16.90
Dal – (mild – med /GF) Lentils cooked in home style. 14.50
Dal Makhani – (mild/GF/contains Dairy) Black lentils with herbs, masala and cream 14.90



Chicken Curry – ( mild – med/GF) Chicken fillet cooked country style. 17.90
Chicken Pistachio Korma – (mild/GF/contains Nuts & Dairy) Chicken fillet in a lightly spiced pistachio sauce, with cream. 18.90
Butter Chicken – (mild/GF/contains Nuts & Dairy) A delicacy of tandoori roasted chicken in creamy tomato sauce – Butter Chicken!. 18.90
Chicken Tikka Masala – (mild – med/GF) National dish of England ! Tandoori roasted chicken breast sautéed with cumin seeds & capsicum, in tomato & onion sauce. 18.90
Kadai Chicken – (med/GF) Chicken filet cooked in spicy sauce and yoghurt 18.50
Chilli Chicken – (hot/GF) Nepalese style sauce and marinated chicken sautéed with diced capsicum and onion finished with hot chilly and soy sauce. 18.90


CHEF’S SPECIALS – Nirankar Signature Dishes

Nepalese Goat Curry – (mild-med /GF) Our Chef’s Himalayan Mountain recipe! tender spicy goat on the bone 18.90
Country Captain – (mild-med/GF/contains Nuts) Royal dish of Nepal! Succulent lamb with potato, cashew nuts& fresh baby spinach leaf. 18.90
Tenzin De Sherpa – (mild – med/GF) Sherpa Staple! hearty chicken curry with fresh mushroom and onion 18.90
Burma De Lama -Med / GF) Burmese favourite! Spiced lamb mince & roasted eggplant with cumin, onion & herbs. 16.90
Nga Hi “Burmese Fish Curry” – (med – hot/GF) Spicy fish fillet cooked in with our piquant tamarind, baby spinach leaf and coriander 21.50
Chow Mein’ Nepalese Noodles – (Med/G) Nepalese favourite ! 'Chow Mein 'style noodles with fresh vegies or chicken 17.90



Beef Korma – (mild/GF/contains Nuts & Dairy) Fave of tender beef in cashew sauce with cream. 18.90
Beef Madras – (med/GF) Tender beef in our special Southern Indian sauce. 18.90
Beef Rogan Josh – (mild – med/GF) Juicy beef cooked in our aromatic sauce with freshly ground spices, ginger and coriander. 18.50
Beef Vindaloo – (Hot/GF) Trad succulent beef cooked with chilli, spices, &tomato sauce with a touch of vinegar & coconut. 18.90


Lamb Rogan Josh- (mild – med/GF) Tender lamb cooked in aromatic sauce of cardamom, spices, clove and turmeric garnished with ginger and coriander. 18.50
Lamb Madras – (med/GF) Succulent lamb in a Southern Indian sauce. 18.90
Lamb Saag – (mild – med/GF/contains Dairy) Juicy lamb with our fresh spinach sauce . 18.90
Lamb Vindaloo – (hot/GF) Succulent lamb in hot and spicy with a touch of vinegar and coconu 18.50
Lamb Cutlets 2 pcs (GF) Succulent lamb cutlets, marinated in aromatic spices, grilled in our tandoori oven $10.90
Lamb Cutlets 4 pcs (GF) Succulent lamb cutlets, marinated in aromatic spices, grilled in our tandoori oven $21.00



Grilled Fish Shaslick – 4pcs (GF) Marinated fish fillet, fresh tomato, mushroom & capsicum skewered & grilled in clay tandoori oven. Served with green salad on our teaming hot sizzler 26.90
Fish Malabar – (med/GF) Fish fillet in traditional Southern Indian sauce, curry leaf & coconut 20.50
Phewa Fish Curry – (mild-med/GF) Fish fillet in traditional Nepalese herbs & spices and sautéed with curry leaf and fenugreek seed. 20.50
Prawn Garlic Masala – (mild – med/GF) Nepalese garlic prawn cutlets sautéed with cumin seeds, mustard seeds, capsicum and onion , with Himalayan herbs. 20.90
Prawn Malai Curry – (mild/GF) Description: Tiger prawn cutlets in mild sauce with coconut $20.90
Chilli Prawn – (hot/GF) Description: Tempura style prawns in our Nirankar special sauce $20.90
Seafood Masala – (hot/GF) Description: Mix of Seafoods in Southern Indian Style sauce $24.90



Steamed Rice Saffron flavored basmati rice. 3.50
Peas Pulao Braised basmati rice and green peas tempered with sultans. 4.95
Coconut Pulao Braised rice simmered with coconut and herbs. 4.50
Green Pulao A mouth watering basmati pulao rice fried with fresh mints, baby spinach leaves and cashew nuts. 4.95
Biryani – Lamb // Goat // Chicken Aromatic braised basmati rice cooked in stock with cashew nuts and spices. 18.90
Yellow Pulao Rice special turmeric braised basmati rice. 4:00



Naan Fresh baked plain flour bread 3.60
Garlic Naan/Ginger Naan Fresh baked plain flour bread with fresh garlic or ginger. 4.00
Keema Naan Plain flour bread stuffed with lean spiced lamb mince fresh baked in clay oven. 5.90
Kashmiri Naan Plain flour bread stuffed with nuts & sultanas fresh baked in our clay oven. 5.90
Masala Naan Fresh baked plain flour bread filled with cottage cheese, onion & special masala. 5.90
Cottage Cheese Naan Fresh baked naan stuffed with our cottage cheese spiced with masala 6.90
Roti Whole wheat bread fresh baked in our tandoori clay oven 3.20
Paratha or Garlic Paratha Flaky fresh baked whole wheat bread 5.00
Aloo Paratha Delicious combination of mashed potato and vegetables stuffed in whole meal flour bread. 5.50
Garlic Roti /Ginger Roti Whole wheat bread fresh baked with garlic / ginger in our tandoori clay oven 3.60
Olive Roti Whole wheat bread fresh baked with chopped olive with spices 6.90
Gluten Free Naan 6.90
Gluten Free Garlic 7.20



Baby Spinach and Potato – (mild) Toasted potato with baby spinach leaf 9.90
Aloo with Dry Vegi Soup (Gundruk) – (mild/GF) Chickpeas, potato and dry leafy vegetables 8.90
Raita – (Dairy product) Grated carrot, cucumber and fresh fruits with lightly spiced yoghurt. 4.00
Kutchumber Salad Cucumber, tomato & red onion salad with lemon juice, olive oil and mild spices. 7.50
Mixed Pickle 2.90
Mango Chutney 2.95
Pappadums – 4pcs 2.90
Green Salad 7.00
Fresh Chilli & Onion Salad 6.00
Mushroom with Baby Spinach – (mild/med/ GF/Vegan) Aussie grown fresh mushroom with baby spinach leaf 10.90



In One – Mango Kulfi and Pistachio Kulfi 9.00
Pistachio Kulfi (GF/Dairy) House made pistachio style Ice-cream. 8.50
Mango Kuifi – (GF/Dairy) House made mango flavoured Ice-cream 8.50
Gulab Jamun – (2 pcs /GF) Sweet milk dumplings in rosewater syrup 8.50


Alcohol Dessert

Chocolate Martini White chocolate / Black Chocolate 15.90
Dessert wine – Wood Park Heavenly Moscato 9.00
Port – Penfold Grandfather 13.00
Liquor – Gallino 8.50
Liquor – Affogato 13.00


Opening Hours

Address: 174 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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Dinner Mon to Sat – 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm

Happy Hours Mon to Fri – 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Public Holidays Dinner – 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm

-Parking: Secure P, Flat $4 from 6PM – 6AM right behind the Restaurant.
-Weekend lunch and Sunday dinner open only for booking over 25 people.

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