MOMO (Chicken/Vegi) (G) – 5pcs / 10pcs House-made steamed dumplings roasted tomato chutney on bed $7.50 / $13
Vegetable Samosa (G/D) – 2pcs Stuffed vegetables in Crispy pastry serve with tamarind sauce $8
Paneer Pakoras (GF/D) Special marination of cottage cheese cubes, coated in lentil flour to deep fried $10
Paneer Chilly Indo Chinese hot dish (GF) Small/Large Battered paneer, stir fry, chilli de soy sauce $13/$19
Olinon Bhaji Rings of onion coated in lentil batter then golden fried
Grilled Mushroom – (Med/GF) Juicy field mushrooms in an exotic yoghurt marination, grilled in our clay oven Served with green salad. $11


Sheekh Kebab (Med/GF) – 2Pcs/4Pcs Juicy minced lamb, skewered in clay oven $11/$21
Chicken Tikka (GF) – 2Pcs/4Pcs Marinated chicken filet with yoghurt, herbs and spices and roasted in clay oven $10/$19
Chicken Chilly – Indo Chinese hot dish (GF) – (Small/large) Battered chicken, stir fry, chilli de soy sauce $13 / $21
Chicken Chhoila (med/GF) Marinated grilled chicken with herbs and spices $10.50
Tandoori Chicken (GF) – 4Pcs/8Pcs Chicken on the bone marinated overnight with yoghurt & spices, roasted in our tandoori clay oven $13/$24
Lamb Cutlets (GF) – 2Pcs/4Pcs Succulent lamb cutlets, marinated in aromatic spices and grilled in tandoori clay oven $10/$20
Tandoori  Mix Platter (GF) – 4Pcs/8Pcs Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, roasted lamb cutlet and grilled lamb kebab With green salad $17/$32

We are happy to spice your dish to your taste & cater to your dietary preference with flair!

Our curries are traditionally enjoyed with Rice and fresh baked Breads

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