Nirankar Lunch Menu


Lunch bowl – choice of one curry & rice $12*
MoMo (chicken/veggie) Nepalese house-made dumplings lOpcs (G) $12
'Chow Mein' noodles blended fresh spices, veggies/chicken (G) $14
Warm chicken salad (G) $12
Chhole samosa chat (GF) $8
Curry, rice and naan Choice of curry – Butter Chicken/Chicken Curry/Lamb Rogan Josh/Chana masal/Paneer Kadai $16


Crispy corn (GF) $6 each
Tamarind & spicy potatoes somosa (G) $4 each
Hara tikki patties(GF) 2pcs $6
Warm Chicken Salad $8
Chhole Samosa chat $8
Tikki chat $8
Paneer tikka – marinated & grilled cottage cheese (GF) 2pcs $11
Clay oven cooked lamb kebab (GF) – 2pcs $9.50
Roasted Tandoori chicken (GF) 4pcs/8pcs $12/$22
Tandoor oven grilled lamb cutlets (GF) 2pcs $9.50
Sizzling platter of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, roasted lamb cutlet & kebab- 4pcs/8pcs $16/$29
Fish skewered with mushroom on a hot sizzler -4pcs $24


Nepalese goat curry – (GF) Chef's blended species, tender goat on the bone $17
Traditional curry (GF) chicken filet/tender lamb rogan josh cooked in country style $16
Green palak curry – (GF/D) lamb/chicken/paneer, fresh spinach sauce $16
Pistachio korma (G/D/N) chicken spiced creamy pistachio sauce $16
a delicacy of roasted chicken Butter chicken (GF/N/D) $17
Kadai of chicken/paneer/vegetable spicy tomato and onion sauce (GF) $16
The great Vindaloo lamb/chicken med to hot (GF) $16
Madras – chicken/lamb/vegi special Southern Indian sauce- med (GF/D/N) $16
Chilli One Indo Chinese hot dish of chicken and paneer, chilli, soy saucef hot (GF) $16
Fish curry traditional Nepalese spices, curry leaf, fenugreek med (GF) $17
Prawn garlic blended onion garlic sauce finished with fresh coriander med (GF) $17
Bhindi bhaji masala diced okra, fresh coriander $15
Kofta cottage cheese, vegetables, dry fruits, in creamy sauce $15
Gobi fresh cauliflower cubes blended spicy gravy (GF) $14
Chana masala tender chick peas , potato (GF) $14
Lentil Taddka /Makhani- lentils cooked in home style (GF/D) $12


(GF/D/N) aromatic stock-braised basmati rice with spices Lamb/Goat/Chicken $15
Vegetable Biryani $14


Basmati rice with saffron/ Green Peas Pulao $3 /$4
Plain naan /Garlic Naan (G) $2.70/$3.30
Cottage Cheese Naan (G) $5
Roti — Wholemeal flour bread (G) $2.30
Paratha/ Garlic Paratha (G) flaky fresh baked wholemeal wheat flour bread $4
Aloo Paratha (G) $4
Gluten Free Naan $5
Raita lightly spiced yoghurt salad $5
Green Salad / Chilly Onion Salad $7 /$4
Mixed Pickle $2.50
Pappadums (GFO 4pcs) $3


Gulab Jamun – 2 pcs (G/D) sweet dumplings in sugar syrup $7
Kulfi – Pistachio/Mango (GF/D) house made Ice-cream $7
Ice Cream – Vanilla/Chocolate $7

Lunch Banquet

-$23 pp mini for 2 people
entree – Hara Kebab(G)OR warm chicken salad
choice of curry – 2
Naan, Steamed Rice, Raita

Thakali Thali

– $16.50
one choice of curry – 1, dal , hara kebab or warm chicken salad Naan , Rice, Raita, pickle and Papadum

we are happy to spice your dish to your taste & cater to your dietary preference with flair!
Please let us know if you have any allergies or particular dietary requirements.
Meal can be made in order, as we are unable to mention each ingredient used.
Note- G= Gluten, GF = Gluten Free, D = Dairy , N = Nuts –
*( extra $2 for seafood)

Opening Hours

Address: 174 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Lunch Mon to Fri – 12.00 to 3.00 pm

Dinner Mon to Sat – 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm

Happy Hours Mon to Fri – 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Public Holidays Dinner – 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm

-Weekend lunch and Sunday dinner open only for booking over 25 people.


We are open for lunch this Saturday, 21 July 2018.