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Nepalese Goat Curry – (mild-med/GF) Tender goat cooked on the bone with blended species $21
Country Lamb – (mild-med/GF/N) Succulent diced lamb curry tossed with seasonal vegetables and herbs $21
Tenzin De Chicken with a twist! (med/GF) Sherpa Staple! hearty chicken curry with fresh mushroom and herbs $21
'Chow Mein’ Nepalese Noodles – (Med/G) Nepalese favourite! 'Chow Mein ' noodles with fresh vegies/chicken $19


Vegetable Kadai – (med/GF/D) Seasonal vegetables in spicy sauce $17
Bhindi Bhaji Masala (Okra) – (med/GF) Diced okra –lady finger- stir fry in special spices and fresh coriander. $18
Brinjal Bhaji (GF/med) Sautéed & blended eggplant curry $17
Nepalese Mushroom Curry – (mild /GF) Juicy fresh mushroom cooked lightly spiced sauce $18
Mushroom Paneer Masala – (med/GF/D) Fresh jmushroom & cottage cheese in our spicy sauce $19
Malai De Kofta – (mild/GF/N/D) Cottage cheese, vegetables, dry fruits and & nuts dumpling cooked in creamy sauce. $18
Gobi Masala – (med/GF) Fresh cauliflower cubes cooked in curry sauce with ginger & coriander $17
Palungo ma Paneer – Palak Paneer – (mild/GF/D) Cottage cheese cubes in spinach sauce $19
Paneer Kadai – (med/GF/D) Cottage cheese cubes in tomato sauce, yoghurt and spices $18.50
Paneer Chilly – Indo Chinese hot dish (GF) battered paneer, stir fry, chilli de soy sauce $19
Channa  Masala – (med/GF/Vegan) Chickpeas cooked in our exotic blend curry sauce $16
Taddka Dall – (med/GF) Lentils cooked in home style $14
Dal Makhani – (mild/GF/D) Mixed lentils with herbs, masala and cream $15


Kadai Chicken – (med/GF) Chicken filet cooked in spicy tomato and onion sauce $20
Chicken Pistachio Korma – (mild/GF/N/D) Chicken fillet cooked in lightly spiced pistachio- nutes sauce and cream. $21
Butter Chicken – Chicken Makkhan – (mild/GF/N/D) A delicacy of tandoori roasted chicken in creamy tomato sauce. $21
Chicken Tikka Masala – (mild – med/GF) National dish of England- roasted chicken filet sautéed with tomato & onion sauce. $21
Chilli Chicken – Indo Chinese/Nepalese (hot/GF) Battered chicken filet sautéed diced capsicum and onion, stir fry with hot chilli and soy sauce. $20


Lamb Rogan Josh – (med/GF) Tender dice lamb cooked in aromatic sauce of cardamom, spices, clove and turmeric garnished with ginger and coriander. $21
Lamb Korma (mild/GF/Nuts/D) Tender diced lamb cooked in cashew sauce with cream $21
Lamb Madras – (med/GF) Succulent lamb in a Southern Indian sauce. $21
Lamb Saag – (med/GF/D) Juicy lamb with our fresh spinach sauce. $22
Lamb Vindaloo – (hot/GF) Succulent lamb in hot and spicy with a touch of sour and savoury and coconut $21


Grilled Fish Shaslick – (GF) 4Pcs Marinated rockling fish fillet, fresh tomato, mushroom & capsicum grilled in clay tandoori oven. Served with green salad on teaming hot sizzler $28
Grilled Prawn Shaslick – (GF) 8Pcs Tiger prawn cutlets, marinated with tomato, fresh mushrooms, capsicum grilled in clay tandoori oven. Served with salad on our steaming hot sizzler $32
Goan Fish Curry (med/GF) Fish fillets gently cooked in coconut & unique Goan spicy sauce $23
Phewa Fish Curry – (med/GF) Fish fillet in traditional Nepalese herbs & spices and sautéed with curry leaf and fenugreek seed.  $23
Prawn Garlic Masala – (med/GF) Prawn cutlets sautéed with cumin seeds, mustard seeds, capsicum and fresh garlic $24
Prawn Malai Curry – (mild/GF) Tiger prawn cutlets in mild sauce with coconut flavour $23


Steamed Rice Basmati rice. $4
Peas Pulao Braised basmati rice & green peas with sultanas. $6
Coconut Pulao Basmati rice flavoured with coconut. $6
Biryani Aromatic stock-braised basmati rice with blended spices.
Lamb // Goat // Chicken $19
Vegetable $17

FRESHLY BAKED BREADS – (contains Gluten)

Naan Fresh baked plain flour bread $3.75
Garlic Naan Fresh baked plain flour bread with fresh garlic. $4.50
Butter Naan Flaky Naan bread with tasty butter $5.50
Keema Naan Plain flour bread stuffed with lean spiced lamb mince freshly baked in clay oven. $7
Kashmiri Naan Plain flour bread stuffed with nuts & fry fruites freshly baked in clay oven $6
Masala Kulcha Fresh baked plain flour bread filled with cottage cheese and vegetable $6.5
Cottage Cheese Naan Fresh baked naan stuffed with our cottage cheese spiced with masala $7
Roti Wholemeal flour bread freshly baked in tandoori clay oven. $3.5
Garlic Roti Wholemeal wheat flour bread freshly baked with garlic in clay oven $4
Paratha or Garlic Paratha Flaky fresh baked whole wheat bread $6
Aloo Paratha Delicious combination of mashed potato and vegetables stuffed in whole meal flour bread. $6.50
Gluten Free Bread /Garlic $6


Raita(D) Grated carrot, cucumber and fresh fruits with lightly spiced yoghurt. $6
Kutchumber Salad Cucumber, tomato & red onion salad with lemon juice and mild spices. $7
Green Salad $10
Fresh Chilli & Onion Salad $3/$6
Mixed Pickle $3
Mango Chutney $3
Pappadums – 4pcs $4


Gulab Jamun (G/D) – 2Pcs Sweet dumplings soaked in sugar and rose syrup served with a scoop of – Ice Cream $10
Pistachio Kulfi (GF/D) House made pistachio style Ice-cream. $9
Mango Kulfi – (GF/D) House made mango flavoured Ice-cream $9
Dessert Thali – to share 4 – 6 people Gulab Jamun, Pista kulfi, mango sorbet and ice cream $26
Vanilla Ice Cream $7


Chocolate Martini White chocolate / Black Chocolate $16
Espresso Martini $16
Dessert wine Wood Park Heavenly Moscato $10
Port Penfold Grandfather $13
Liquor Gallino $9
Liquor Affogato $13

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Lunch Mon to Fri – 12:00 pm to 03:00 pm

Dinner Mon to Sat – 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm